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New Improved Western Sydney Carpool!

We’re thrilled with how the Western Sydney Carpool has grown since we launched in 2012.  Thanks very much to those who joined - your feedback on the program helped to make it what it is today!

So far, over 4000 people have registered to join the program and a good number of them have successfully linked up with other members.

The system has new features to enable carpooling for community club and organisation events, such as to regular sporting fixtures for example.  We are really excited to be opening the program up to a wider range of people and enable transport options where alternatives aren't always readily at hand.  

Remember, when you receive a link up request from a member, you can communicate with them anonymously through the website until you are comfortable in making a decision to carpool with them or not. 

Remember, our FAQ page has a number of questions that describe some tips of how to keep yourself safe when setting up a carpool arrangement – we’d encourage you to have a read of these when you are establishing a carpool arrangement.

We'd love to receive your feedback on the new Western Sydney Carpool site.  E-mail us at support@communitycarpooling.com.au.